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Nov 19, 2012 12:30am PST
so i would like to hear it on the 29th. >> commissioner borden. >> yeah. i think the issue here is the fact if the supervisor can move forth without the input and we want input by that time we need to stick with the 29 because we don't have to and we heard from members of public they want the conversation here at planning. they feel it's the appropriate place to have some of the discussions and i agree exactly with that that we need to have the discussion here so that people and figure out if we need more workshops, more follow up. i think there is a lot to be discussed here. i like when we took supervisor chu's legislation and look it apart and had a number of hearings. we didn't just continue it out. we had a bunch of hearings. i don't think the decisions being made about what vote we would or wouldn't take on the 29th but i think it makes sense to hear the legislation before it gets to the board of supervisors and have our input. >> commissioner hillis. >> i just like to request too as part of the next hearing perhaps having examples of these things and make it a little m
Nov 23, 2012 8:00pm PST
. >> commissioner antonini. >> present. >> commissioner borden. >> here. >> commissioner hillis. >> here. >> commissioner moore. >> here. >> and commissioner avery. >> here. >> commissioner sugaya. >> here. >> first up is items for continuous and item one at harve street and proposed for continuous until december 13, 2012. further under the consent calendar item six at 2895 san browny avenue request for conditional use authorization. this project sponsor has requested a continuous to december 6. >> is there any public comment on these two items? >> do you want to talk about item 11? >> six? >> 11. >> yes. >> under the calendar with consultation with the city attorney's office this item needs to be continued to november 29. >> could you repeat that item, that last item please? >> absolutely. commissioners, under your regular calendar item 11 the amendments to administrative code chapter 31 to clarify certain procedures provided in that specifically ceqa is proposed for continuous after consultation with the city attorney's office. >> is there any public comment on the three items that a
Nov 29, 2012 12:00pm PST
, commissioner borden? >> here. >> commissioner hillis? >> here. >> commissioner moore? >> here. >> and commissioner sugaya? >> here. >> commissioners, first on your item items proposed for continuance. item 1, case no. 2012.1381t, inclusionary housing updates, it is proposed for continuance december 30 13th, 2012. item 2, 2012.1306tz, review of two ordinances (planning code text amendment and zoning map amendment) that would rezone parcels in the upper market ncd to the upper market nct, planning code and zoning map amendments, proposed for continuance to february 21st, 2013. item 3, case no. 2012.1168c, 793 south van ness avenue, request for conditional use authorization is proposed for continuance to january 24th, 2013. items 4a, b and c for case numbers 2009.0 724 d, 2012.0 888 d, and 2009.0 724 v at 2833 through 2835 fillmore street, mandatory discretionary reviews and variance have been withdrawn. further on your -- under your regular calendar, commissioners, item 15, case no. 2012.1 183 t and z, the amendments to planning code to establish the fillmore street ncd, there i
Nov 16, 2012 8:30pm PST
to december 6, and item 11 to november 29. commissioner tone. >> aye. >> commissioner borden. >> aye. >> commissioner hillis. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya. >> no. >> commissioner avery with commissioner with you. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> that passes. all things under the consent calendar are routine by the commission and will be acted upon one roll call vote by the commission. there is no discussion unless the staff or public requests and in that case will be removed from the consent calendar and considered at a future hearing. case dolores terrace and request for condominium conversion. case 343 frederick street and request for condominium conversion. 1830 taraval street and request for continued authorization and 2001 pol ecstreet request for conditional use authorization. item six was continued to december 6. i have no speaker cards. >> is there any public comment on the items on the consent calendar? seeing none commissioner antonini. >> move to approve the consent items before us which are items two, three, four, and five. >> second. >>
Nov 8, 2012 12:00pm PST
. >> commissioner michael antonini is here, but [speaker not understood]. commissioner borden? >> here. >> [speaker not understood]? >> here. >> and commissioner sugaya? >> here. >> first up is items proposed for continuance. item 1, 2012.0847d, 28-30 toledo way, request for discretionary review is proposed for continuance to november 15th, 2012. items 2a and b for case numbers 2007.0036d, 422 vicente street and 2007.0037d, 422 vicente street mandatory discretionary reviews pro poed for continuance to december 6, 2012. further on your calendar, commissioners, under the regular calendar, item 15 on the corrected calendar for case no. 2012.0928ddd for 2000 20th street request for discretionary review is proposed for continuance to december 13th. i have actually one speaker card. >> mark de vicente. come on up to the microphone. >>> i think my card is pretty self-explanatory. >> sir, if you could state your name for the record. >>> mark de vicente. i'm the dr requester. i cannot make the proposed continuance date on the 15th. i am available the next three thursdays. i just can't make it next week. >>
Nov 8, 2012 4:00pm PST
with commissioner antonini. commissioner borden. >> yeah, i was just going to pretty much acquiesce the same way and say that i notice that the things itemized that mr. amato discussed are in the motion, the busing and the 10:00 p.m. closure. if that's a parking lot, double parking lot, i would think the parking lot has a potential to be noisier. i just wanted to understand, was there -- maybe ms. yamada or someone from golden gate apartments. was there a language issue maybe? i don't know if that was kind of an issue that people didn't -- maybe if you can come up. was there a communication breakdown, i think? >>> yes, there is. there are 72 units in golden gate apartments. the majority of the tenants are korean speakers or chinese speakers. excuse me, those are the primary languages. they received an updated letter on monday. it wasn't enough time. a lot of these people are in their 70s or 80s and that was not enough time to get a translator. ms. yamada was able to find aye translator, but also to ask people if they would be willing to come out. * some had doctors appointments and other plans f
Nov 9, 2012 10:30pm PST
, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner borden? >> aye. he commissioner hillis? >> aye. >> commissioner moore? >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya? >> aye. >> commissioner wu? >> aye. >> and commission president fong? >> aye. >> commissioner wu, you are here by recused. >> okay, continuing on with public comment, i think, jonas, there is one on the rail there. if there is any other public comment, if you would like to come up. all right. nichiko yamada. >>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is nichiko yamada and i live at 1959 sutter street adjacent to rooster tail restaurant. i grew up in the western addition jay town area and my parents owned a small japanese confectionery store in this neighborhood for 36 years. my parents believed that they were able to be in business for so long because of the good will and support of this neighborhood and community. i am proud of their achievement. our neighborhood is a diverse neighborhood with a culturally rich history. people here are friendly, supportive and welcoming of businesses. many are long-term residents who have lived here for 20, 30
Nov 29, 2012 1:30pm PST
feelings. >> commissioner borden. >> yeah, i do have a question for staff. so, i do think that -- i know we're trying to monitor new housing, but this also sounds like you want to create an inventory of student housing as an overall city-wide baseline. is that something you're trying to accomplish as well? i just want to understand why because you had a lot of -- >> so, the purpose [speaker not understood] what happens when you convert student housing. that was kind of the main concern of the legislation. but we are interested in having a [speaker not understood] inventory. >> okay. i think -- i think then when you talk about it that way, you know, and i think that's where you can get some input maybe from the university then. i don't think they would generally have a problem with providing that information. i think obviously there might be, i don't know, statistic information about locations of housing sites that they my not want to disclose for safety or other reasons. * may not want to disclose but i think it's a reasonable desire to have that. i think it would be useful to have that as
Nov 18, 2012 4:00am PST
card. >> and thank you for connecting with her outside. commissioner borden. >> move to approve with conditions. >> second. >> on that motion commissioners commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner. >> aye. >> commissioner aye. >> commissioner president fong. >> aye. >> that motion passes six to zero. commissioners that places you on item 15a and b at 1984 great highway. request for conditional use and the zoning administrator will consider a parking variation. >> good afternoon commissioner s. before is a conditional use authorization and change from church to child care facility and operating as growing tree childcare and providing obamacare located within the zone and residential zoning district. coastal permit application was filed for the project and found later not required. lot contains a two story building constructed in 1906 and known resource listed in the survey. according to the records the property was owned by dennis chief engineer of the san francisco fire department and sold in 1947 to
Nov 23, 2012 8:30pm PST
you. i would agree 100% with the request from commissioner borden because categorize things as market rate or affordable and we had instances a couple years ago where many of the market rate units were sold for less than have been the inclusionary amount that would have been charged under the ordinance, so it's important to really see real case situations and understand what you're really talking about in terms of the costs. a couple of other items in terms of the commission's secretary subcommittee search i am still waiting for a reply from hr in regards to the classification issue, and i am hopeful i will hear something on that issue within the next few days and i will follow up with that and see where we are. secondly i would strongly urge everyone who has not seen the movie "lincoln" to go see it. it's excellent. unlike many movies today there is dialogue and it's thought provoking and the period of time it deals with is one of the important, not just for the country but the state and city during this time period and i encourage you to read the book "team of rivals" and the boo
Nov 29, 2012 8:30pm PST
commissioners have to say on this and find out which way we're going to go on it. thanks. >> commissioner borden. >> yeah, while i feel, you know, i'm sorry about ms. yee's garden, as we know on this commission in a dense city, for panels people put a lot of money in, they're not protected. i feel terrible that your garden might not be as habitable. in terms of extraordinary circumstances, there is not anything in this case that rises to the level of exceptional and extraordinary. and that's what the threshold is for taking a d-r. there are many cases, like i said, in this city where people fill up panels, people have gardens, people have things they want protected. if you had a lightwell issue or an issue that wasn't being matched or something that was more planning related that would be different. additionally, we don't -- it's not our business to redesign the interior of people's projects. they hire architects and they do that and it's not, you know, our place to make them redesign the interior. that's just not the purview that we have 689 so, with that i would move to not take d-r and approv
Nov 11, 2012 3:00am PST
not understood]? >> i don't have it [speaker not understood]. >> and then a follow-up on commissioner borden's question, i still don't think i understand like the lottery process. when a lottery is used. walk us through quickly. i built some units, i'm a developer. i have three bmr units, i'm ready to go. what happens? >> you get your units priced, fill the form out and i send you pricing for your units and this is what your maximum prices are. you submit a marketing plan and that marketing plan says you have to publicize your units for a 28-day period which is moving to 45 for ownership, 28 for rental. and that means we post it on our website, we send out an e-mail alert to 10,000 people that have signed up through the city. the developer, the sponsor publishes in five local venues, can be craig's list, local papers, that hits a demographic group in save. and they have to do a weekend paper over two weekends. we'll have info sessions if there are two or more units. we leave most of it. we show up and talk about the program. it's mostly questions about how to qualify. they talk about the uni
Nov 15, 2012 3:00pm PST
borden. >> i think i kind of agree with what commissioner wu said -- 3b, i was looking at that and i do believe every week almost with restaurants that have music that people consider too loud, issues in the corridor and people complaint about restaurant usage and don't necessarily have amplified music and sound and i know there is a challenge of having more lively restaurants sometimes in neighborhood commercial corridors. i personally don't like when too many things are legal non conforping. i think we always see that as a challenge in the code. if there is a preponderance of use in a area and ideally like the part of the plan and what is the existing and that is my rational for favoring something like 3b. the other thing i do believe that office is more compatible use with the night time use and day time use and you can have night time use and create other sources of income and revenue for those buildings or property owners so that the two uses could co-exist and i know entertainment has the peaks and valleys for the financial success for them and having other options in the neigh
Nov 29, 2012 7:00pm PST
borden? >> aye. >> commissioner hillis? excuse me, he's absent. commissioner moore? >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya? >> aye. >> commissioner wu? >> aye. >> and commission president fong? >> aye. >> so moved, commissioners. >> thank you. >> that motion passes +6 to -0. >> do you guys want a break here? >> really quick. >> i think we're going to take a quick -- yeah, five-minute break. thank you. >>please stand by; meeting in recess >> this is to develop a limited financial serve is e service sterling bank and trust at 115 pest portal avenue in the west portal neighborhood commercial district. the project is not considered for formula retail, formula retail exempts financial services. the proposed branch would occupy 199 square feet at the front of an existing commercial space. the department does not support this request because a large amount of commercial ground story frontage in the retail district is already occupied by several large scale financial institutions including bank of america, chase bank citibank, first america bank [speaker not understood]. their well served
Nov 9, 2012 8:00pm PST
sense. >> commissioner borden. >> maybe you could tell us the square footage of the house, the number of bedrooms that exist and then the number -- if you happen to know what, i guess the state code that regulates how much square footage per patient or person living there that's required. i know this is a separate certification process for them. maybe you can talk about what that means. even if we approve it here, is there then a state body that has to issue some sort of permit? >> yes, there is a state license that is required and there is a state process they have to go through after they have come through the planning commission. the building itself, it's a two-story building. there are four faith rooms on the ground floor and three additional patient rooms on the second floor. there's a large living room area on the second floor with a kitchen. and there's also a smaller common living room space on the ground floor. so, there's seven bedrooms for 10 people. >> how about bathrooms? >> there are -- there is one full bathroom on the ground floor and one full bathroom on the second fl
Nov 9, 2012 10:00pm PST
, i think we have to be flexible and make this thing move forward. >> commissioner borden. >> i know we're looking at revisions of the plan and you've talked about some of the different things people are willing to consider. so, are we thinking it would be a lot less of a dense community that we originally had envisioned or just kind of tweak -- kind of more the realities of ways to generate -- >> it will be less than. we are in that process of figuring out -- of all of the community benefits which ones are the top priorities we really want to keep. and as commissioner antonini suggested, are there sort of other tweaks that we need to reduce or change or perhaps eliminate to make it all feasible. but we haven't talked about [speaker not understood] at this point. >> i wasn't saying you would. i was wondering what kind of tweaks you were specifically -- >> i think it's early. there are small height increases, not anything kind of that we anticipated substantially higher. i think by the time we sort of move further in the community process, we'll be able to tell you a little bit better
Nov 11, 2012 4:00am PST
borden? >> aye. >> commissioner hillis? >> aye. >> commissioner moore? absent. commissioner sugaya? >> aye. >> commissioner wu? >> aye. >> and commission president fong? >> aye. >> so moved, commissioners. that passes unanimously +6 to -0. and places you on your last regularly calendar item, number 14, case no. 2012.0971c at 1963 sutter street, request for conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon, president fong and members of the planning commission. sharon young, planning department staff. the item before you is request for conditional use authorization for an outdoor activity area to an existing restaurant located at 1963 sutter street within the nc-3 district, japantown special use district and 50-x height and bulk district. the proposal is to add outdoor area, dining table and chairs for approximately 08 square foot patio enclosed by [speaker not understood] high fence within the rear yard of the restaurant. the proposed outdoor dining area will abut common parking lot located within the mid-block area of the subject block. the restaurant has been in operation since de
Nov 29, 2012 3:30pm PST
of the project. >> commissioner borden. >> yeah, i would just -- want to agree with everything commissioner moore said. she pretty much took my comments out of my mouth. i just wanted to add for the benefit of the public that this project required to have on-site affordability so there would be 49 affordable units. this is also a project that is part of the transit center development plan so the fees from this project actually fund all of the different improvements that we want in that region related to creating the transit center district and the open space, other affordable housing, et cetera. so, it's not a singular project, being considered as part of a whole. i just wanted the benefit of the audience you to know that. there was an e-i-r done for this entire area to look at the cumulative impacts of these individual projects that we're approving. so, it's not as if this project wasn't considered as part of a whole. it was part of a larger plan to densify this part of the city. more parking than many people might like. it is compliant and a reduction of what we have had in our code for parking
Nov 29, 2012 6:00pm PST
that commissioner borden was dealing with, and these are permits. someone gets a permit to make changes to their house or some sort of thing that's over the counter and they don't need to go through process. but there is an environmental cad ex to this as there is to almost anything. and i guess right now i'm hearing there is no limit or a six-month statutory limit to an appeal of a cad ex on this type of project. what is the number on that? >> there is no requirement for notice under state law. there are a number of notice provisions that are in existing article and there are supplemental notices like posting on website that we do now. but basically whether you get that notice or whether you don't, you need to exercise your rights within six months. that's how c-e-q-a is structured. >> well, this i think is something that supervisor is trying to deal with and it's a little unrealistic. and it happens, i've heard of many instances where projects are approved. the project sponsor begins, has the contractor, is almost starting to do work sometimes. and, you know, during that period of tim
Nov 29, 2012 6:30pm PST
with respect -- well, back to the original question that supervisor borden started with or other commissioners have mentioned. in terms of the process of automatically going to the board of supervisors on issues like zoning or whatever that they also have jurisdiction over , isn't the wording in the legislation such that it says the board of supervisors will be the final certification body? i didn't quite understand that language. because if we're now saying that the -- that this commission certifies the e-i-r, then how can the board of supervisors certify the e-i-r? >> bill wyco again. there's was one commenter -- actually, it should be the board. that's not what the legislation says. the legislation says that if there is an appeal of the c-e-q-a action to the board, then they have to be either affirmed, recertify, if you will, that's not technically legally what it is. but the matter is before them in their consideration. so, it's only in the case of a c-e-q-a appeal that they are acting to certify. in the case of something that isn't appealed but is a legislative action by the board, like a
Nov 16, 2012 5:30pm PST
. >> commissioner borden. >> here. >> commissioner hillis. >> here. >> commissioner moore. >> here. >> and commissioner avery. >> here. >> commissioner sugaya. >> here. >> first up is items for continuous and item one at harve street and proposed for continuous until december 13, 2012. further under the consent calendar item six at 2895 san browny avenue request for conditional use authorization. this project sponsor has requested a continuous to december 6. >> is there any public comment on >> we
Nov 16, 2012 9:00pm PST
by two commissioners. commissioner borden i agree with you there should be more informational meetings rather than just in commission meetings, but meetings about ceqa and other things so thank you for that, and commissioner moore i agree with you that the ceqa proposal was tough to read in certain places and i am glad you're going to work on the language and clarification, and as part of that could the description in the agenda please include the word "ceqa" because a lot of people like me don't know what it means. thank you very much. >> sue hester. there are ceqa implications in what i am about to say. the concourse project was scheduled to come to you in december. now it looks like it's coming in january, and i will be the only person who has standing on the project because no one is paying attention to the fact that we are about to lose the exposition center of the city through demolition. it's on your advance calendars. how many of you know what henry adams and are andin and i know that is demolition of the concourse. i have -- in the past month have been invited t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 102 (some duplicates have been removed)